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ספרי לימוד והדרכה דפי עבודה תרומות
Description of the Foundation's Activities

The foundation was established on 2002 by Israeli teachers, mathematicians, computer scientists and high-tech personnel.The incentive was the significant deterioration in Israeli students' achievements in math, including shifting from the first positions in international tests in math back in the 1960’s and 1970’s, to the 40th place in international tests, such as PIZA, since the 1990’s until currently. Our shared goal is to ensure the restoration of Israel to the top places of achievement in math and to return to the Israeli mathematics education’s glory. We strongly believe that mathematical thinking is the basis for continuing growth and prosperity in personal, social , business and economics; This is a vital base for Israel to maintain its status as a technology and high-tech superpower. We believe that elementary school is the most significant time for internalization of mathematical tools. Therefore, the base of the foundation's vision reflects a desire to increase the maximum possible number of students who are familiar with and work according to the learning method of “Primary Mathematics”, to develop cognitive skills. Activities so far: Translating the series books “Primary Mathematics” into Hebrew, from first until six grades, while adapting them into the Israeli curriculum of the Ministry of Education. Developing complementary learning materials and teacher's manuals. Implementing Preparation Courses for Teachers. Directing teachers by the books “Primary Mathematics” throughout their first years, for gratis. Providing advice for parents, teachers and students, as needed. We believe we could fulfill our vision by achieving these goals: Recruit a wide range of educators and teachers to adopt the “Primary Mathematics” as their method of learning. Implement the system on a daily basis, for the widest possible diversity of students. Enhance the role of schools in which the system is activated now. Apply the “Primary Mathematics” as the method of learning in schools that have not used it before. Establish after school activities for kids that will transfer the material in a hands-on and playful mathematical environment. Create a community of scholars: Ph.D. Students and professors of mathematics, to support the Foundation’s activity. Organize regional conferences for mathematics coordinators, teachers and schools for the purpose of exposing the method to the general public. Digitize the education material. Increase Public support and financial support by donations from organizations and institutions in Israel and abroad.